The members of the Ottawa River Regulatory Committee wish to alert the residents of the Ottawa River basin that water levels and flows along the Ottawa River have increased rapidly in several places with yesterday’s precipitation combined with snowmelt. Additional increases are expected this week due to precipitation.  

Between Pembroke and Hawkesbury, water levels could reach those observed during the 1998 spring flood. While the major reservoirs in the northern portion of the watershed store a large portion of the water intake from this portion of the basin, there are only limited means, the committee mentions, to control the output from the central and southern part of the watershed.  

Residents wishing to report flooding or obtain assistance should contact the responsible provincial agencies, in Québec, the la Sécurité civile of the Ministère de la Sécurité publique at 1-866-766-8345. Up-to-date information on the Ottawa River water levels and output from the main water system reservoirs can be found at: In addition, three-day hydrological forecasts are available for some locations.
(Photo: Rachel Denault Nadeau - Facebook)