Today March 8 marks International Women's Day. To emphasis the important of this day, CHIP 101.9 highlights a very inspiring woman who has marked her generation. Her name is Fabienne Colas, who is now known throughout Canada and the United States. She left Haiti a decade ago, without anything, to become a very influential business woman in our country. Fabienne Colas explains that she came from Haïti made it as an award winning actor, but after she moved to Canada she felt blocked. 

In 2015, she received a medal from the National Assembly of Québec in recognition of her contribution to advancing the fight against racism and discrimination in Quebec. She has also been the headliner of many successful festivals around the world, including the Montreal International Black Film Festival. Fabienne Colas has also launched an online academy to help people start or expand their business:

The complete interview with Fabienne Colas is available under the French audio section of our website.