The first-degree murder trial of Basil Borutski accused of killing Anastasia Kuzyk, 36, Nathalie Warmerdam, 48, and Carol Culleton, 66 in September 2015 will take place in Ottawa instead of Pembroke, a judge has ruled according to the CBC.  

Ontario Provincial Police found the bodies at separate locations within a roughly 25-kilometre radius of Wilno, Ont on Sept. 22, 2015.  

Justice James McNamara made the decision to move the trial to Ottawa in a Pembroke courtroom earlier this month. Borutski has not retained a lawyer. Patrick McCann has been appointed to cross-examine witnesses who don't feel comfortable being questioned by Borutski.  

The trial, before a judge and jury, is set to begin Sept. 18, 2017, and will continue for several months.