The Ministry of Transportation of Quebec has made public the details of road investments in the Outaouais for the period extending from 2014 to 2016. For the Pontiac, among the major projects include the rehabilitation of the bridge over the creek on McLennan on highway 148 and also work in the Municipality of Pontiac, always on the 148, more precisely between the curve and the Maple road in Breckenridge, this time to repair the road.
In total for the Outaouais region, the $ 190 million will be invested. Regarding the two major works on the 148 in the Pontiac, they are measured between 1 and 5 million. Other more minor works were also targeted, among others in the region Whaltam, Allumette Island, Portage-du-Fort, Otter Lake and Shawville.
For the entire province, road investments totaled nearly $ 4.9 billion. Highway 148 has made the headlines several times in the recent months mostly in the Municipality of Pontiac because of many accidents including fatal ones.