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Disco and Poetry this Saturday

This weekend will be marked by culture in the Pontiac.  

A dozen musicians who form Disco Fever Experience will take the stage at the Pontiac Conference Center in Fort Coulonge. Tickets are still available, either by contacting the Spruceholme Inn or by contacting one of the members of the group; Nathalie Boisvert.  

Also, Saturday evening, the George Bryson Cultural House in Mansfield will host a poetry evening. A special broadcast will air on CHIP 101.9 this Saturday morning from seven o'clock broadcasting performances of the from last year’s poetry readings. 

$ 60,000 for Community Projects in the Pontiac

Thirty people gathered yesterday at Will Amos's office in Campbell's Bay, where he announced a $ 60,000 investment for community projects in the Pontiac. Will Amos says that the money will go towards infrastructure that will build the community:

Despite the fact that the amount is not in the millions, this investment will still have a major impact in Pontiac communities.

Several community members from Pontiac were present, including the mayors of Shawville and Grand-Calumet Island. 

Water levels still expected to rise

The members of the Ottawa River Regulatory Committee wish to alert the residents of the Ottawa River basin that water levels and flows along the Ottawa River have increased rapidly in several places with yesterday’s precipitation combined with snowmelt. Additional increases are expected this week due to precipitation.  

Between Pembroke and Hawkesbury, water levels could reach those observed during the 1998 spring flood. While the major reservoirs in the northern portion of the watershed store a large portion of the water intake from this portion of the basin, there are only limited means, the committee mentions, to control the output from the central and southern part of the watershed.  

Residents wishing to report flooding or obtain assistance should contact the responsible provincial agencies, in Québec, the la Sécurité civile of the Ministère de la Sécurité publique at 1-866-766-8345. Up-to-date information on the Ottawa River water levels and output from the main water system reservoirs can be found at: In addition, three-day hydrological forecasts are available for some locations.
(Photo: Rachel Denault Nadeau - Facebook) 

The MRC Pontiac wants a local representative on the Board of CISSSO

The Pontiac MRC Council has requested that a local representative be included on the Board of Directors of the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de l’Outaouais. In a media release, elected officials say they feel excluded from the decision-making process about services and changes that can greatly affect them locally. The Council of Mayors of the MRC Pontiac therefore calls for the appointment of a local representative to ensure the smooth flow of information between the Board of Directors of the CISSS de l'Outaouais and the Pontiac. 

The MRC Pontiac denounces the program that downloads to the municipalities fees for the disposal of organic waste

The Council of Mayors of the MRC of Pontiac denounced the new framework of a program that passes fees for the disposal of organic Waste to municipalities. According to the MRC, the fee will add to the tax burden of the municipalities that did not have a program of Recycling of organic matter, or composting, in place by 2016.  

The Council of Mayors of the Pontiac MRC indicated that it welcomes new means that will reduce the amount of organic waste sent to the landfill, but regrets that municipalities that do not meet the new criteria will not be eligible for a significant share of the financing provided in the budgets adopted last November.  

The Pontiac MRC will ask the ministry to allow more time for municipalities to implement needed changes. Meanwhile, the MRC says it will help local municipalities move quickly to adopt composting practices to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill. 

Disco Fever Experience this Saturday

This Saturday, a Disco show is coming to the Pontiac Conference Center. Last year, the group known as the Buzz Live Band had received excellent feedback from the public during their show at the same venue. The trumpeter of the Disco Fever Experience and Pontiac native Nathalie Boisvert spoke to CHIP about the event:

The Full interview with Nathalie Boisvert is available at under the audio section. 

Des gourmandises à votre bibliothèque

The " Des gourmandises à votre bibliothèque " contest which took place from March 13 to April 1, 2017 in the libraries of the BIBLIO Network of Outaouais, was a big success according to this organization.  

6,825 from the BIBLIO Outaouais Networks participated in the contest. Five (5) winners were drawn at random from participants in all of the BIBLIO Outaouais Network libraries and each will receive a Chocolatier Rochef Inc. fine chocolate $ 100  gift package. Andrée Sicard of the Mansfield-et-Pontefract Library and Dan Cloutier of the Shawville / Clarendon / Thorne Library have won these awards. 

Spring floods

Spring floods have impacted several rivers in the Pontiac that are being watched closely by public authorities. These include the Ottawa River and the Coulonge River.  

In the Pontiac, the chemin de la rivière Noire is causing problems for some residents, such as Eldon Denault, who has to take more time to get home. Eldon Denault says that the water level is so high that he could take a boat to get down the river but that it would not clear the bridge:

Eldon Denault estimates that at some points along the riverside, it would take less than 40 inches of water to flood the road. The authorities are monitoring the situation. 

Review of the MRC's meeting yesterday

Several items were on the agenda yesterday at the meeting at the Pontiac MRC. One of these was the maintenance of roads in the TNO, which included rue Bois-Francs.  

Concerning the Felix Gabriel Marchand bridge, the Government of Quebec would like to go to tender with the repairs. Warden Raymond Durocher says that the MTQ is looking for tender:

Also at this meeting was the issue of protecting the Dumoine River, by creating a National or provincial park.

Tender for Red Bridge Redevelopment Project

The MRC Pontiac has announced that the MTQ will launch a call for tenders in June for the Felix Gabriel Marchand bridge Redevelopment Project. The MTQ expects the contract to be awarded by the end of the summer. 
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