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The CSHBO provides information on the nature of the "reserved pedagogical days"

Following the suspension of school transportation yesterday, the Commission scolaire des Hauts-Bois de l’Outaouais issued a press release to clarified the nature of " reserved pedagogical days ".

The School Board noted that when they decide to suspend school transportation out of concern for student’s safety, it automatically becomes an " pedagogical day" for elementary and secondary schools.
For example, the CSHBO noted that teachers must report to work, but students remain at home.

It’s important to remember that child care, adult education and vocational training remain in service.

The School Board states that it adopts annually a school calendar that includes 180 school days for students and 20 pedagogical days, three of which are reserved for contingencies.

CSHBO, said that as the school buses were suspended yesterday on February 22, this lost day will be made up for students on April 28th.

Travel exchange between the Pontiac and Manitoba

Students from Sieur de Coulonge are participating in an interprovincial exchange program with students from a francophone high school in Manitoba.

So the young Franco-Manitobans were in our area over the last few days. One of these students, Alexa Harvey, explains the differences between the two schools by saying that there is a lot more French outside the school setting here in the pontiac.
Another Participant in this exchange, Claudie Boucher of Sieur de Coulonge said that she is looking forward to her visit to Manitoba to see a different part our country and the nuance of a French school in an English area:
Students from Sieur de Coulonge will be participating in this Manitoban exchange at the end of April.

A Warden elected by universal suffrage "a good investment"

Yesterday, at the public meeting of the Pontiac MRC, the mayors were presented with a document entitled: A Warden elected by universal suffrage "a good investment". Pontiac MRC Warden Raymond Durocher explains that the elected officials are at the stage of making a decision and that he will respect any decision made:

The mayors of the Pontiac MRC should be asked to vote on this issue at their next meeting in March. 

The MRC was not informed of the completion of the Témiscamingue / Gatineau Valley project

During the public meeting of the Pontiac MRC, the Mayor of Thorne Terry Murdoch, raised concerns of the construction of a bridge over the Coulonge River, possibly linking Témiscamingue and the Gatineau Valley.

Raymond Durocher pointed out that the MRC had not been informed at the outset of the implementation of this project and that the minister’s people thought they informed the MRC and that at this stage, nothing can be done to change the project.

Full interview with the Pontiac Warden Raymond Durocher is available at under the French audio section.   

Briefing on Exploratory Works on Grand Calumet Island

This evening SOQUEM and Sphinx Resources will be on Grand Calumet Island to inform the public about the exploratory work to be carried out on the territory of Grand Calumet Island Which will begin in March. Normand Champigny explains they're will be two foraging campaigns to test what’s underground:

In recent months, there has been a number of mining explorations in the area. This meeting will take place at 7:00 pm in the municipal office of Grand Calumet island. 

Leucan Outaouais Chef Challenge: Unveiled Menu

On March 23 at 6 pm, 500 guests are expected to attend the Gatineau Convention Center as part of the Leucan Challenge. 10 teams will compete with each team consisting of a member of the media, a chef, and a child in cancer treatment or a child who as survived cancer.  

Claude Leblond, head chef for High Liner Foods and 14-year-old Léa Enström, has joined CHIP 101.9 own Marie Gionet to form a team.  

Chef Claude Leblond describes his dish entitled Delights of the Sea Captain and his sailors:

Each of the ten teams will present 1 dish for a total of 10 dishes based on regional products served during this evening which originally had as objective of raising $ 30,000 for Leucan Outaouais. Over the next few days, one dish a day will be revealed with photo and description. Visit the Leucan Outaouais facebook page for details. The sold-out Chefs' Challenge will be held on March 23. 

"Silence radio dans les régions du Québec” - Quiet radio in the regions of Quebec

Last Saturday, Tanya Beaumont, President of the Quebec Association of Community Radio Stations, an association of which CHIP 101.9 is an active member, in collaboration with the Association des radios regionales francophones, published a letter in the Newspaper Le Devoir entitled "Silence radio dans les régions du Québec” - Quiet Radio in the regions of Quebec . This letter denounced the advertising purchases made by the Government of Quebec, which often broadcast certain messages that are not available to all Quebec listeners. Tanya Beaumont, president of the Quebec Association of Community Radio says that larger markets will get the ads while smaller markets won’t:

The full interview with Tanya Beaumont, President of the Association des radios communautaires du Québec, is available at under the French audio section. 

MPP André Fortin speaks with CHIP

Yesterday, in an interview with CHIP 101,9, our provincial member of parliament, André Fortin, addressed certain concerns that the public has raised in the last couple weeks concerning the construction of a bridge on the Coulonge river. Mr. Fortin explained the construction process:

He also reiterated his support for the Pontiac MRC biomass development center project:

During this same interview, there was also discussion of the letter rendered public, by André Fortin addressed to the President of the Integrated Health and Social Services Center for the Outaouais, Jean Hébert, where by there was question of the health and suggestions sector of the Pontiac. André Fortin:

The full interview with André Fortin can be heard at in the French / audio section 

Funding of nearly $ 69,000 for two organizations in the region

Two organizations received 69 000 dollars from the Quebec government, the announcement was made by our Provincial MP, André Fortin,  on behalf of the minister responsible for seniors and the fight against bullying, Ms. Francine Charboneau of the Pontiac Maison de la famille of Fort-Coulonge.  

The Maison de la famille received $40, 000 in funding and $28, 664 for the Seniors table. This investment was made under the Quebec Seniors Program. Our Pontiac MP, André Fortin:

The 69 000 dollars comes from the investment of 11-million dollars, announced of Feb 6 which will be used to carry out 107 projects across Quebec.  

The investment will allow the realization of several projects and workshops. From the Maison de la famille, Nicole Belleau.

Sylvie Mohs, the coordinator and animator of the Maison de la famille, will hold activities that are of great importance to her and the organization: 

Information session of the Consumer Protection Office

The BIBLIO Network of the Outaouais and the Consumer Protection Office have set up a partnership and are inviting Pontiac citizens to participate in an information session to raise awareness of the rights of consumers. This workshop will inform participants about their rights, possible solutions to the problems they may face and the tools available to them.

This information session will be held next Monday, February 28 at 10:00 am, at the Fort Coulonge Library at 134 rue Principale in Fort Coulonge 
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