It was the parliamentary assertion day on December 8th at école Notre-Dame du Sacré-Cœur.  

Grade 6 Students in the Primary Parliament must create activities and competitions for all students of the school in order to develop stronger ties with them.  

For the occasion of this swearing-in, several guests of honour were present; 
Mme. Isabelle Nadeau, Teacher
Mr. Denis Rossignol, Principal
Mme. Erin Davis, Representative of Liberal MP Will Amos
Mr. Winston Sunstrum, Mayor of Chapeau
Mme. Denise Marion, Vice-President of the School Board 

Students sworn in are:
Owen Duff, Minister of the Environment
Samuel Vaillancourt, Minister of Decoration
Tanner Fleury, Minister of Francophone Culture
Alexis Fortin-Chaput, Minister of the School Court
Jordan Pilon, Deputy Prime Minister
Leah Lemay, Prime Minister.