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Friday will mark the Grand Opening of the Splash pad in Campbell’s Bay, notably ending phase 2 of the municipality’s Downtown Parks Improvement Plan. In a brief conversation with the Mayor of (...)
Article published on 14 August 2020
As more directives are rolled out by the Quebec government, schools across the province have begun preparing for their reopening in September. Although it remains unclear whether the programs in (...)
Article published on 13 August 2020
The municipality of Fort-Coulonge will allow a total of 3 residents to attend the next municipal meeting which will be held on August 12th. According to a public notice issued on the (...)
Article published on 12 August 2020
The 2020 edition of the Terry Fox Run will begin in the Pontiac on August 22 and continue until September 20. This year, due to COVID-19, the organizers of the Terry Fox run have introduced the (...)
Article published on 12 August 2020
An archaeological survey will be conducted in October to uncover the location of the Hudson’s Bay fur trading post in the Pontiac also know as the Fort Coulonge. Greg Piasetzki, a Toronto man with (...)
Article published on 12 August 2020