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The citizen coalition Équité Outaouais revealed that it had met with the minister responsible for the Outaouais region, Mathieu Lacombe, for “ a frank and direct dialogue ” concerning the future (...)
Article published on 28 June 2022
For the second time, the MRC Pontiac has posted the offer to fill the position of director of economic development left vacant since the departure of Cyndy Phillips, who left the post on May 27. (...)
Article published on 22 June 2022
CHIP 101.9 is launching a new podcast intended to allow listeners to take an overview of certain current affairs, mainly in the Pontiac. Éric O’Brien, native of Litchfield, who has held several (...)
Article published on 22 June 2022
Here is a summary from the Sûreté du québec (SQ) of the activities and events that occurred on the territory of the MRC Pontiac. For legal and security reasons and in order not to compromise ongoing (...)
Article published on 21 June 2022
The Pontiac Youth Softball League, organized by the Pontiac Youth Centers, is still accepting registrations in the various categories until Sunday (June 19). Note that four sites are part of this (...)
Article published on 17 June 2022