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Citizens of the MRC Pontiac who wish to ask a question during the meeting of the regional council of mayors, next Wednesday (June 15), are invited to do so. People are invited to submit their (...)
Article published on 9 June 2022
Last May, the 20th edition of the Gala de la plume étudiante de l’Outaouais took place. The purpose of this gala is to highlight the work of budding journalists through Outaouais high schools. (...)
Article published on 8 June 2022
Cinema Lyn is scheduled to officially reopen this week. The well-known businesswoman and politician in the Pontiac, now owner of the Cinema, Jane Toller, hopes to be able to revive this historic (...)
Article published on 8 June 2022
Members of the Lusignan family stood out once again this weekend at the Canadian Junior Weightlifting Championships, which were held on the south shore of Montreal. The youngest member of the (...)
Article published on 8 June 2022
The Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM) welcomes the national policy on architecture and land use planning, presented this week by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Andrée (...)
Article published on 8 June 2022