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A petition to support the Davidson Energy project is currently making the rounds. According to a group of citizens who set up this petition, the objective is to collect signatures in order to (...)
Article published on 31 July 2020
The Caisse Desjardins des Rivières de Pontiac will hold an extraordinary meeting with only one item on the agenda, namely the rebate intended for members and the community. Members will be able to (...)
Article published on 29 July 2020
The maximum number of people who can attend indoor and outdoor events in public places will increase from 50 to 250 as of August 3, according to what the Legault government announced yesterday (...)
Article published on 24 July 2020
Le nombre maximal de personnes pouvant assister à des événements intérieurs et extérieurs dans des lieux publics passera de 50 à 250 à compter du 3 août, selon ce qu’a annoncé le gouvernement Legault (...)
Article mis en ligne le 24 juillet 2020
The mayor of the municipality of La Pêche, Guillaume Lamoureux said he was satisfied with the behavior and measures taken by merchants, residents and visitors to his municipality in the context of (...)
Article published on 24 July 2020