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The organizers of the movie night on Saturday, September 25 at the Center de loisirs des Draveurs have indicated that the presentation of the film Dr Dolittle will take place, but that the (...)
Article published on 24 September 2021
Coming up this Saturday (28th of August) is the first Brauwerk Hoffman Trail Race. According to Paul Shea, one of the organisers of the event, there are 2 race options available, a 5km race (1 (...)
Article published on 26 August 2021
La première course de cross-country à la brasserie Brauwerk Hoffman aura lieu ce samedi, 28 août. Selon Paul Shea, l’un des organisateurs de l’événement, il y a 2 options de course disponibles, une (...)
Article mis en ligne le 25 août 2021
The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) has already announced the candidate who would represent the LPC in the riding of Pontiac, Sophie Chatel. The LPC has sent its members a press release mentioning (...)
Article published on 9 August 2021
An accident involving an ATV and a car occurred shortly after 6 p.m. Monday evening on the Picanoc Road in Otter Lake. Fortunately, the accident did not cause any serious injuries, as a (...)
Article published on 27 July 2021