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Vaccine passport ends on March 14

Vaccine passport ends on March 14

16 February 2022 à 12:00 am

Health Minister Christian Dubé announced yesterday (February 15) that the provincial vaccine passport will be fully discontinued by March 14. On February 16, proof of vaccination would no longer be required in big box stores as well as SAQ and SQDC locations. As of February 21, it will no longer be required for access to places of worship, funerals or wakes.

On March 14, the passport will no longer be required to access bars, restaurants, CHSLDs or other public areas or for participation in sports.

Dubé indicated that the end of the vaccine passport coincided with the arrival of Paxlovid, the oral antiviral drug from Pfizer which can be used in treatment.

Quebecers were advised to keep their documentation, as it may be required in jurisdictions outside the province. Ontario has announced that they will repeal their proof of vaccination system by March 1.