Updated list of the Pontiac candidates declared so far
Data as of 1 p.m. September 24
Article published on 24 September 2021
last modification on 26 September 2021
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The candidates in the Pontiac region as of 1 p.m. on September 24 (note that CHIP 101.9 will be updating this list regularly):
Names in black - incumbent
Names in red - new candidate
Names in blue - returning candidate from a different role


Mayor: Joseph Squitti, Carl Mayer

Councillor(2): Jason Emery

Councillor(3): Sidney Squitti

Councillor(4): John Emery


Mayor: Brent Orr

Councillor(1): Tracey Moore

Councillor(2): Archie Greer

Councillor(3): Meaghan McConnell

Councillor(4): Greg Graham

Councillor(5): Kim Crawford

Councillor(6): Debbie Kilgour


Councillor(6): Kelly Nitschkie

Campbell’s Bay

Mayor: Maurice Beauregard

Councillor(2): Tim Ferrigan

Councillor(4): Stéphanie Hébert-Shea


Mayor: Donald Gagnon

Councillor(1):Dustin Denault

Councillor(2): Louis Schryer

Councillor(3): Jacques Fleury

Councillor(6): Neil Maloney


No official candidates yet.


Councillor(1): Christine Francœur

Councillor(2): Freeda Bechamp Graveline, Philippe Ouellet

Councillor(3): Pierre Vaillancourt 

Councillor(4): Debbie Laporte (current mayor)

Councillor(5): Nathalie Denault

Councillor(6): Lise A. Romain


Mayor: Jean-Louis Corriveau

Councillor(4): Alice Meilleur Pieschke

Councillor(5): Réjean F J Meilleur

Councillor(6): Elie James Azola Moankong


Mayor: Louis Lair (current councillor)

Councillor(1): Mariette Sallafranque

Councillor(3): Ivan Schryer

Councillor(4): Nancy McGuire

Councillor(5): Brian Adam


Mayor: Colleen Lariviere

Councillor(1): Terry Racine

Councillor(2): Donald Graveline, Courtney Harris

Councillor(4): Travis Corriveau, Rick Frost

Councillor(5): Emile Morin

Councillor(6): John Stitt

Mansfield et Pontefract

Mayor: Kathleen Belec (former mayor)

Councillor(1): Richard Morrissette

Councillor(3): Janet Karol

Councillor(4): Garry Ladouceur

Councillor(5): Claudette Béland-Pleau

Councillor(6): Sandra Armstrong

Otter Lake

Councillor(1): Terry Lafleur

Councillor(2): Jennifer Quaile

Councillor(3): Kathleen Gauthier

Councillor(4): Penny Dubeau

Councillor(5): Raymonde Dagenais

Councillor(6): Robin Zacharias

Municipality of Pontiac

Mayor: Joanne Labadie, Roger Larose (former mayor), Eddie McCann (former mayor)

Councillor(1): Jean Côté, Diane Lacasse

Councillor(4): Serge Laforest

Councillor(5): Valérie Michaud

Councillor(6): Jean R. Amyotte

Portage du Fort

Mayor: Lynne Judd-Cameron

Rapide des Joachims

Mayor: Doug Rousselle, Lucie Rivet Paquette

Councillor(1): Ann Gagnon


Mayor: Sandra Murray, Bill William McCleary (current councillor)

Councillor(1): Keith Harris

Councillor(2): Denzil Yach

Councillor(3): Brent Leach, Kerry Reasbeck, Carolann Barton

Councillor(4): Donna Andrew, Richard Armitage

Councillor(5): Alex Guibord, Bill Hobbs

Councillor(6): Katie Sharpe, Bonney Harris


Mayor: Doris Venasse Ranger

Councillor(1): Dick Edwards


Mayor: Karen Daly Kelly

Councillor(1): James H. Hodgins

Councillor(2): Marsha (Steinke) Bean

Councillor(3): Robert Blaskie

Councillor(5): Robert Charette

Councillor(6):Jammie Lee Coursol


Councillor(1): Brenda Landry

Councillor(6): Tyler Rochon

MRC Pontiac

Current Warden Jane Toller is running against former Warden and Litchfield Mayor Mike McCrank

MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais
Former Warden and Chelsea Mayor Caryl Green is running against Eric Antoine

Les Nouvelles du Pontiac

Police seeking owners of recovered firearms

21 October 2021

Police officers the MRC Pontiac station are in possession of two firearms which were found with a holster on Hwy. 148 in Mansfield-et-Pontefract on October 17. Anyone who has lost their firearms is asked to contact the Sûreté du Québec at 819-648-2141 to recover them. - (...)

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Meeting of the Fort-Coulonge mayoral candidates: Gilles Beaulieu and Christine Francoeur discuss their visions

21 October 2021

The two candidates for mayor in Fort-Coulonge, Christine Francoeur and Gilles Beaulieu, had a 50 minute discussion on the different issues facing the municipality. The pair both ran for the same council seat in the 2017 elections, where Francoeur prevailed with nearly 79% of the vote. She (...)

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MRC Pontiac requests translation of two firefighting courses

21 October 2021

At the last MRC Pontiac council of mayors meeting of this term on October 6, council passed a resolution requesting that the provincial authority that oversees firefighter training in the province, L'École nationale des pompiers (ENP), translate two training modules into English. Though the (...)

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Otter Lake man arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography

20 October 2021

Investigators from the Sûreté du Québec specializing in the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet, with the collaboration of investigators from the MRC Pontiac station, arrested a man from Otter Lake for child pornography offences that are alleged to have occurred between 2011 and 2021. (...)

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The relaunch of the Davidson industrial site: company still seeking supply guarantee

20 October 2021

CHIP 101.9 spoke with the promoters of the relaunch at the Davidson industrial site to have them explain the state of the project and the actions they have taken in recent months. The principal man behind the project, Bruno St-Cyr was joined by fellow promoter Pascal Dupuis, the president of JR (...)

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Kathleen Bélec and Sandra Armstrong talk about the future of their municipality

20 October 2021

The discussion between the candidates for mayor of Mansfield-et-Pontefract gave rise to more agreements than differences between the two candidates, Sandra Armstrong and Kathleen Bélec. This was the case, among other things, regarding the municipal collaboration between Mansfield and (...)

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