The Pontiac in an La Presse investigation
Article published on 8 November 2018
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An investigation conducted by La Presse has certain implications in the Pontiac. The story, that was released earlier this week, is about the Chief of the Confederation of Aboriginal Peoples of Canada (CPAC), Guillaume Carle, who, among other things, sold shares of the Pontiac Lodge, located in the ZEC Saint-Patrice, to CPAC members, claiming to be the owner. Isabelle Hachey, the journalist who worked the file, gave details about this aspect of the investigation.

The complete file is divided into two parts, the first being about three separate investigations conducted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and the Canada Revenue Agency on the misleading use of aboriginal cards to avoid paying taxes on some purchases.

Read article (In French) : Des cartes pour faux Amérindiens, par Isabelle Hachey (La Presse)

The second part of the report focuses on an open investigation by the authorities of the Financial Market, to study the activities of Guillaume Carle. According to Isabelle Hachey, the Chief “fooled many [CPAC] members, by asking them to invest in different projects, projects that either did not exist or he did not own”.

Read article (In French) : Le grand chef Guillaume Carle dans le collimateur de l’AMF, par Isabelle Hachey (La Presse)

The full interview in French is available here.

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