Rethinking the programming of ArtPontiac
Article published on 22 April 2020
last modification on 21 April 2020
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The programming of the Association des artistes du Pontiac has also been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the region.

Several activities planned in the coming months will have to be postponed, or reorganized in order to comply with the sanitary measures imposed by the Government of Quebec, as explained by ArtPontiac’s communications manager, Geneviève Has:

The organization committee will now have to find an alternative for their activities and face-to-face meetings, including the courses that are normally given at the stone school, in Portage-du-Fort.

The visual arts event entitled Interconnexion, which was organized for August and began preparations started several months ago, could also be postponed to a later date. The Association is currently awaiting clarifications from the ministère de la Culture et de Communications du Québec.

The organization is currently exploring different solutions that could be implemented to allow Pontiac artists to shine in a different way in the region. Geneviève Has gave examples of what could be organized.

Rent fees canceled at stone school
On April 15, the mayors of the MRC resolved to “waive” the rental fees for the stone school for two months, given the cancellation of several fundraising activities planned at the school due to the COVID-19. The mayors also expressed their appreciation “for the work and involvement of the Pontiac Artists’ Association within the community”. According to Geneviève Has, the rental remains the most important expense of the Association.

ArtPontiac finally said that, people generally turn to art during difficult times “to meet a deep social need”. The organization therefore encourages citizens to give shape to their imagination and invites them to share the fruit of their creations with the community.

The full interview in French with Geneviève Has is available here.

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