Québec volonteers to get involved in Food Banks
Bouffe Pontiac prepares to distribute food to the elderly
Article published on 27 March 2020
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The local food bank, Bouffe Pontiac, noted during the month of March a significant increase in families (14 families), who will now be helped by the organization’s services.

The general manager, Kim Laroche, informed CHIP 101.9 that those who wish to help with the distribution of food to seniors aged 60 and over can give their name via bouffepontiac

In addition, the Government of Quebec launched a call for volunteers Thursday to support the services offered in food banks across the province, which are facing increased demand in the context of COVID-19. The Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity, Jean Boulet, argued that many Quebecers are temporarily available given the current situation and that their help is crucial.

Minister Boulet, as well as the Premier of Quebec, François Legault, asked that people who have time, with no symptoms of COVID-19 and who are under 70 years old, help the food banks.

A web portal has been set up for community organizations and volunteer applicants to register. The address is Anyone in Quebec who is available and interested in helping out can register their name by get in touch with organizations and other volunteers in their region. Pemier Legault also thanked all the volunteers in Quebec.

The Government of Quebec also plans to send money to food banks in all regions of Quebec, so that they can meet the increased demand from families who are waiting for checks from the federal government.

“There is no embarrassment about going to a food bank”
Premier François Legault is turning to the province’s thirty food banks to ensure that all Quebecers can eat during the COVID-19 crisis. While many Quebecers have financial concerns, François Legault has called on Quebeckers who are in need not to be embarrassed to use food banks or to ask for help with the delivery of food.

He encourages all those who have lost their jobs to use it, even while awaiting the financial assistance promised in early April by the federal government.

Quebec now has 1,629 people confirmed with COVID-19, 16 of which have been reported in the Outaouais.

To learn more about the coronavirus, the public is invited to consult the site Qué / coronavirus

Information can also be obtained by using the coronavirus hotline 1-819-644-4545 or 1 877 644-4545 (toll free).

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