Poor quality and sometimes completely cut telephone lines in L’Isle-aux-Allumettes
Article published on 18 February 2021
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Several residents and Bell customers in L’Isle-aux-Allumettes say they have phone line problems that are causing them a lot of difficulties. On several occasions in recent years, Bell customers for that municipality’s landline phone complain about faults, sounds confusing communications or sometimes just complete blackouts.

CHIP 101.9 met local residents, who shared their various problems. “You are lucky to get ahold of me, my line has been cut for over 24 hours” exclaimed David Gillespie. For more than 24 hours, he could not hear the caller on the other end of the line.

“This is not the first time this year. I have had problems since I moved here about fifteen years ago, but over the past four years, things have really deteriorated, ”says the farmer in the region who has made himself known by counting the breakdowns of electricity from Hydro Quebec.

Louis Lair, also a resident of L’Isle-aux-Allumettes, has had much the same experience on a few occasions, including an incident that occurred at the beginning of February. “For a long time, I heard static, a bit like sending a fax. It was very difficult to communicate with us. Bell sent a technician, but a few days later the line was completely cut for about 48 hours, ”explains Louis Lair.

"It’s a matter of security, because I don’t even have access to a cell phone, the cell network is not accessible at home, so when it happens, it is not possible to ’call 9-1-1’ insists Louis Lair.

CHIP 101.9 spoke to about ten local residents, who all seem to have had similar experiences. Both Louis Lair and David Gillespie agree on what they think is the problem. “In my opinion, we are at the end of the network and the equipment is not maintained on a regular basis” thinks David Gillespie. “That’s what Louis Lair also believes. You can see the cables and the rest of their infrastructure, it’s not young, ”says Mr. Lair. David Gillespie was also in contact with a Bell employee who told him that damaged cables would be the subject of special surveillance in the spring.

According to David Gillespie, who already has similar experience with complaints for service interruptions with a large company, the important thing is to educate the workers and managers of the company concerned.

"I want to compile the faults, including the glitches. As you know, this is what we did with Hydro-Québec and the media, including radio (CHIP 101.9), took an interest in the issues and we saw results. That’s what we want, to make them understand our reality. That’s the right thing to do, I think, ”insists David Gillespie.

“What you have to do is start a dialogue with people here and not call the general Bell number.” Often we find ourselves talking with someone who lives in Morocco for French speakers or in another country for English speakers. Already here, people from Quebec and elsewhere in the Outaouais do not know where L’Isles-aux-Allumettes is located, so imagine those who live outside the continent ”expresses David Gillespie with a touch of humor

. He therefore wishes to keep Bell constantly informed in order to hope for possible changes.

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