CHIPFM 101,9
Radio CHIPFM 101.9

CHIP possède une licence de langue française au CRTC et assure par son mandat la promotion de la dualité linguistique au sein du territoire du Pontiac ainsi que celle de la vallée de la Gatineau et du comté de Renfrew, en Ontario.

La station de radio diffuse sur la fréquence du 101,9 sur la bande FM avec un émetteur d’une puissance de 10 KW, lui permettant de diffuser sur un grand territoire.

Afin de servir tous les gens de sa communauté, CHIP FM offre à ses auditeurs, une programmation diversifiée. L’un des buts principaux de la station est de bien informer la communauté avec des nouvelles locales et régionales qui ne sont pas nécessairement diffusées par d’autres médias régionaux. L’équipe entière de la station de radio travaille ardemment afin de faire de sa programmation, une qui reflète bien le portrait culturel, économique, politique, éducationnel et social de sa région”

En tant qu’organisme à but non lucratif, les revenus annuels de CHIP FM sont constitués; d’une subvention provenant du gouvernant provincial, des bingos hebdomadaires, radiothon annuel, ventre de publicités radio, frais d’adhésions ainsi que dons.

CHIP FM aussi connut sous le nom Radio Communautaire de Pontiac a été enregistrée en tant qu’organisme à but non lucratif en juin 1978. La première diffusion en ondes a eut lieu le 1er mars 1981. 

Police operations to educate drivers about the dangers of distracted driving
Article published on 23 September 2019
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Police operations from September 20th to 26th are currently being held throughout the Province of Quebec to intervene with distracted drivers using a cell phone, a portable electronic device or a display screen. The goal of this initiative, as part of the opération nationale concertée Distraction 2019, is to educate drivers about the dangers of distracted driving.

“The use of a portable electronic devices or a driver’s display screen reduces the attention and concentration of that driver, and increases their risk of being involved in a collision,” said the press release issued by the Security Quebec Thursday. ’’Distracted driving also greatly increases the chances of committing other violations of the Highway Safety Code. Remember that distracted driving is one of the leading causes of fatal collisions or serious injuries in Quebec.’’

• Simply holding or otherwise using a portable electronic device while driving is strictly prohibited.
• As soon as you start a vehicle, you are driving. Even if you are stopped at a traffic light or traffic jam, you are driving!
• If you use a cell phone or any other portable device referred to in section 443.1 of the Highway Safety Code, in addition to receiving a minimum fine of $ 484 (including fees), 5 demerit points are added to your driving record. In the event of a repeat offense, your driver’s license will also be suspended immediately.

The opération nationale concertée Distraction 2019 has been deployed under the theme « Si vous conduisez, laissez votre cellulaire de côté ! » or “If you’re driving, leave your cell phone alone!”. Although the sources of distraction are diverse and numerous, the cell phone is known as the main source of distraction. The operation aims to remind you that when driving (regardless of the means of transportation), it is important to stay focused on the road and your immediate environment.

SAAQ awareness campaign (September 9th to October 6th, 2019)
In relation to The SQ’s opération nationale concertée Distraction, the SAAQ launched the Cell or Steering Awareness Campaign on September 9th. This aims to remind drivers of the risks associated with the use of a cell phone while driving, whether it is to text, to browse on the web, to choose music or to listen to a video. Messages like this will be broadcast on TV, radio, Spotify and social media. In addition, a video capsule will be broadcast on gas pumps.

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Meeting on October 30th was legal, says the General Director of the Caisse

22 January 2020

The Director General of the Caisse Desjardins des Rivières de Pontiac, Stéphane Labine, is maintaining that the vote that was held at the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on October 30th regarding the capital project at the Fort-Coulonge branch, “did follow the rules”, contrary to statements (...)

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Campbell's Bay 2020 budget; Closing on the municipal library

22 January 2020

During the adoption of their preliminary budget on December 17th, 2019, the council of the municipality of Campbell's Bay resolved to permanently close the municipal library. In a follow up interview with the Mayor of Campbell's Bay, Maurice Beauregard, he explained that the municipality was (...)

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Bristol: two days on beef and sheep production this winter

22 January 2020

The agroalimentaire meetings in the Outaouais for 2020 started this week with information sessions on the bio-food sector and the next generation of farmers in the various sectors of the region. The Executive Director of the Table agroalimentaire de l'Outaouais, Geneviève Grossenbacher, gave (...)

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Campbell's Bay Winter Carnaval; Sunday January 26th

22 January 2020

The Campbell's Bay Winter Carnaval will be held this Sunday from noon to 5pm at the municipal rink on Patterson road. For the occasion, Councillor Tim Ferrigan who is spearheading the event for another year, gave more details on the events format. Those attending who wish to stake are required (...)

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Water work and Boil advisory in Shawville

22 January 2020

According to the municipality of Shawville's Facebook page, the municipal workers will be working on the water main today, January 22nd from 3pm to 9pm. During this time, the municipal water lines will be shut off affecting the following streets: • Argue st • Elm st • Forrest st • Oak st • (...)

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Support in repairing the Snowmobile trail

21 January 2020

Following the major storms on December 14-15, damaging over 500km of their trail network, the Club Moto-neige Pingouin made requests for funding and volunteers to repair the trails; to allow the opening of the snowmobile season. In a follow up interview, last week, with the organization's (...)

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