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CHIP possède une licence de langue française au CRTC et assure par son mandat la promotion de la dualité linguistique au sein du territoire du Pontiac ainsi que celle de la vallée de la Gatineau et du comté de Renfrew, en Ontario.

La station de radio diffuse sur la fréquence du 101,9 sur la bande FM avec un émetteur d’une puissance de 10 KW, lui permettant de diffuser sur un grand territoire.

Afin de servir tous les gens de sa communauté, CHIP FM offre à ses auditeurs, une programmation diversifiée. L’un des buts principaux de la station est de bien informer la communauté avec des nouvelles locales et régionales qui ne sont pas nécessairement diffusées par d’autres médias régionaux. L’équipe entière de la station de radio travaille ardemment afin de faire de sa programmation, une qui reflète bien le portrait culturel, économique, politique, éducationnel et social de sa région”

En tant qu’organisme à but non lucratif, les revenus annuels de CHIP FM sont constitués; d’une subvention provenant du gouvernant provincial, des bingos hebdomadaires, radiothon annuel, ventre de publicités radio, frais d’adhésions ainsi que dons.

CHIP FM aussi connut sous le nom Radio Communautaire de Pontiac a été enregistrée en tant qu’organisme à but non lucratif en juin 1978. La première diffusion en ondes a eut lieu le 1er mars 1981. 

Ottawa River - The situation is still under close surveillance
Article published on 3 May 2017
last modification on 10 May 2017
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The situation is still being closely monitored in regards to the levels of the Ottawa River, notably in the municipality of Mansfield-et-Pontefract. The Emergency Services has also visited the municipality to try to plan various precautions as the water levels could increase by 15 centimeters today.

Already several homes are struggling with flooding in their basements and some homes are becoming increasingly isolated. The municipality recommends that residents living in this type of situation take the necessary moves to ensure their safety or to contact with the municipality for help. Sand bags are available behind the municipal offices or at the municipality’s sand depot.

The meeting of the Mansfield municipal council that was scheduled tonight has been postponed to next week since the council will meet this evening to deliberate over the different measures to take if necessary. Also remember not to drink water from the artesian wells if they may have been contaminated by river water. Stay tuned to CHIP 101.9 for more information.

(Photo, Facebook Rachel Denault Nadeau)

Inondations Mansfield/Fort-Coulonge 2017 Inondations Mansfield/Fort-Coulonge 2017 B Inondations Mansfield/Fort-Coulonge 2017 C Inondations Mansfield/Fort-Coulonge 2017 D Inondations Mansfield/Fort-Coulonge 2017 E Inondations Mansfield/Fort-Coulonge 2017 F

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Financial assistance of $ 178,185 for the restoration of the church on Allumettes Island

The Member of National Assembly for the Pontiac André Fortin announced financial assistance to the tune of $ 178,185 for the restoration of the old masonry of the church of Saint-Alphonsus-of-Liguori on Allumettes Island. Father Bridge from the Diocese of Pembroke says that he is impressed by the governments interest:

Clip - Père Bridge

According to the MNA for Pontiac, this investment means significant support from the Quebec government for the provinces religious heritage. He particularly praised the historic and unique character of the church of Saint-Alphonsus-of-Liguori.

Clip - André Fortin

This investment was made possible thanks, among other things, to the involvement of Jérôme Sallafranque who says that next year, they will be asking for $200 000 for more work that needs to be done:

clip - Jérôme Sallafranque

The interviews for this announcement at the Saint-Alphonsus-of-Liguori church are available here.

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The Institut de la statistique du Québec provides a socio-economic portrait of the region

The Institut de la statistique du Québec yesterday released the ninth edition of the Panorama of Quebec Regions. This book provides a socio-economic portrait of the 17 administrative regions and the regional county municipalities (MRCs) that constitute them.

Fourteen areas are analyzed according to the most recent statistics. These include demographics, living conditions, health, education, labor market, land value and other data.

Results more specific to the Pontiac will be analysed in the coming days. For now, the book points out that the region of the Outaouais is less valued because; GDP is growing less rapidly than in the rest of Quebec, disposable income per capita is growing at a slower pace, and the percentage of low-income earning families is one of the highest. It is also noted that the average value of single-family dwellings is growing at a slower pace than in the rest of Quebec.

A direct link to the 2017 Regional Panorama is available here.

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Large seizure of wild garlic in the Outaouais region

Wildlife conservation officers seized nearly 43,000 bulbs of wild garlic in the Outaouais, Laurentides and Laval regions. A total of 48 offenses were issued to those who exceeded the limit of 50 bulbs per person. It is stated that the seized bulbs were handed over to the SEM’Ail program, which aims to raise public awareness of the regulations governing the use of wild garlic and to replant seeded bulbs in the forest.

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Activities of candidates in the prefecture in the region

Over the past few weeks, the two Warden candidates in the Pontiac MRC, former Member of National assembly Charlotte L’Écuyer and Mayor of Fort-Coulonge Raymond Durocher, have attended several activates and meetings in the region.

To that end, Charlotte L’Écuyer posted on Facebook her opinion concerning the actions of the government following the spring floods. She explains that people still have no answers about the possibility of repairing, rebuilding or finding another home ... their lives are still ’’ on hold ’’ she adds that no matter what the government says, people affected by floods need to know their options before July ends.

In the coming weeks, CHIP 101.9 will present a complete assessment of the candidatures for the municipal elections to be held on November 5.

Raymond Durocher

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