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CHIP FM aussi connut sous le nom Radio Communautaire de Pontiac a été enregistrée en tant qu’organisme à but non lucratif en juin 1978. La première diffusion en ondes a eut lieu le 1er mars 1981. 

Financial Results of the Pontiac Biomass Conversion Center
Article published on 14 February 2019
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CHIP 101.9 is now completing its series reports in regards to the Biomass Conversion Center (CVB) in the Pontiac.

Regarding the commitment of the MRC Pontiac in this project, back in 2013-2014, it is mentioned by the MRC that all scientific studies had been conducted, on a global scale, to identify existing products and technologies for transforming bio-products.

See Pierre Vézina’s explanation in an interview conducted by François Carrier a few weeks ago

The MRC decided to take this course of action following the conclusion of the 2011 study: “Opportunités d’affaires, recherche pour l’industrie forestière du Pontiac”. This study stated that in order to succeed, the forestry industry in Quebec must diversify its activities and include the production of bio-products, as identified in the MRC’s strategic planning initiative: Vision 2020.

List of scientific studies carried out by the MRC Pontiac:
• Bio-based products.
• The characterization of the forestry resources.
• bio-based products financially.
• The Evaluation of the processing technology.
• The potential network for biomass Conversion.

The conclusions of these studies were the pillars that guided the MRC towards a development plan for a Biomass Conversion Center. To learn more about biomass, here is the link to Claude Villeneuve’s column in Le Droit newspaper published this week entitled:
Biomasse et climat: une percée.

Financial balance sheet analysis
At this time, the Pontiac MRC has reported revenues of $ 201,588 and expenses of $ 585,810.92 for the CVB project. Of these revenues, $ 94,600 comes from the Quebec Ministry of Finance.

Along with the other revenues, $ 71,988, of which has come from the PADF (le programme d’aménagement durable des forêts).

In terms of expenses, the majority has gone to Pierre Vézina, the President of Fiber Pontiac, who has made an overall salary of $ 335,289.60 between 2015 and 2018. For example, last year, the employee received a salary of $ 87,349. Remember that this integration was done in stages, since Pierre Vézina first started as an employee of the CDE later becoming president of Fiber Pontiac, with a salary increase over the years.

As mentioned by the MRC Pontiac, initially, several studies were developed to verify the possibilities of the Biomass Conversion Center Project. Therefore $ 121,440 was awarded to the firm TransTechnika located in St-Hilaire. TransTechnika is associated with the Research Center for Lignocellulosic Materials (CRML) at the University of Quebec à Trois-Rivieres and the Innovation Center for Cellulosic Products (INNOFIBRE) of the CÉGEP de Trois-Rivières to offer a wide range of services related to the transformation of forest and agricultural biomass to companies, cooperatives and forestry unions, etc.

The third largest expense item in this file is travel. The MRC Pontiac said that the amount was largely attributed to Pierre Vézina, the MRC, but also other expenses such as the direction general at the time, Rémi Bertrand, who had, during exploratory operations on the project , made a trip to Sweden and to the United States. (Click here to read CHIP article on this subject.) Those expenses reached $ 15,815 according to the amounts obtained.

It should also be noted that Pilote Groupe Conseil has been engaged in public relations and lobbying activities for a total amount of $ 52,451.79.

Détails du budget obtenus par CHIP 101,9
Centre de valorisation de la biomasse 2013-2018

Ministère des finances et économie 94 600,00$
PADF 71 988,00$
Ministère des ressources naturelles et de la faune 10 000,00$
SADC Pontiac 5 000,00$
MRC de Pontiac TPI 10 000,00$
MRC de Pontiac TNO 10 000,00$
Total des revenus: 201 588,00$

Trans Technika 121 440,43$ (études)
Pilote groupe Conseil $51 451,79$ (Public Relations: consultants, access to minister cabinets)
Autre 1 709,76$
Traduction 228,80$
Déplacements 75 690,54$ (Pierre Vézina & MRC Pontiac DG Rémi Bertrand)
Salaire Pierre Vézina (2015-2018) 335 289,60$
Total des dépenses: 585 810,92$

At the moment, the MRC Pontiac has shown a contribution of $ 384 222,92.

A full report in French is available here.

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