Education : awaiting Fall is not the best idea says Public Health
Article published on 23 April 2020
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Waiting until September 1st to return all Quebec children to schools and daycares at the same time would not be a good idea given the risk of a second wave of COVID-19, from a public health perspective.

In his daily press briefing Tuesday, the Premier of Quebec, François Legault, elaborated on the question of education, maintaining that the reopening will be done gradually but that the government has yet to establish the parameters of the recovery.

“Any reopening will be done gradually over the next few weeks and months,” said Mr. Legault.

The Premier said he consulted with his caucus on the issue, as did the three opposition leaders at the National Assembly. "We are going to make responsible decisions to protect our children and to protect those who work in our daycare centers and in our schools. Our decision is going to be based on health, ”he said.

Monday, Premier Legault mentioned that he believes that the return in schools will be done before the end of this school year, but not before May 4th. Areas less affected by the novel coronavirus may gradually resume earlier than others.

However, there are no plan to keep the schools open during the months of July and August.

Thus far, the province has seen 4,048 people recover from COVID-19. The Outaouais region notes that 98 are healings.

Reminder of instructions:
To limit the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, it is important, in particular:
- * to wash your hands frequently with soap and water, for twenty seconds, especially when coming in from outside
- * disinfect your hands with an alcohol-based solution if you do not have access to soap and water
- * keep a distance of two meters with other people
- * avoid any gathering
- * stay at home, except in case of necessity

If symptoms appear:
- * isolate yourself
- * cough on the inside of your elbow
- * throw away tissues immediately after use and wash your hands afterwards
- * consult the Self-care guide or call line 1 877 644-4545 for the measures to be taken

To learn more about the coronavirus (COVID-19), the public is invited to consult the Qué It is also possible to obtain information using the coronavirus phone line at 819 644-4545 or 1 877 644-4545 (toll free)

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