CHIP 101,9 Radio Bingo will be back on May 4th
Article published on 3 May 2020
last modification on 4 May 2020
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After more than a month of suspension, CHIP 101.9 has obtained authorization to resume its bingo activities.

The direction of the Pontiac Community Radio (CHIP 101.9) however hastened to remind bingo players of the safety rules.

“It is a privilege to gather people around a bingo on the radio, so we must make sure to play safely, and I ask all our members, players or supporters, to respect the rules in place”, said the director general of CHIP 101.9, François Carrier. He also indicated that bingo cards will be available for purchase at certain convenience stores starting on this Sunday and at its usual locations on Monday.

The activity will resume this Monday, May 4th, at 7 p.m. CHIP 101.9 also confirmed the broadcast of a Mega-bingo on Tuesday.

Rules of safety

Players and supporters must:

- limit their trips (plan your purchases and travel only when necessary);
- do not play bingo in a group (radio-bingo is allowed to resume because it is an activity that can be played alone, it is essential to respect this rule);
- respect social distancing measures at all times;
- wash their hands regulary;
- take all other necessary measures to ensure their safety and that of their loved ones.

“The revival of radio-bingo is a privilege and in this period of pandemic. We must all be responsible for ensuring the resumption this activity,” said François Carrier.

No indoor bingo for now
The Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec has been clear: only bingo broadcast on media platforms is authorized at this time. “The resumption of any other bingo activity than that of a media bingo cannot take place at the momentt,” said the Régie, via its website, meaning that, for the moment, no organization can organize a bingo inside.

The CHIP 101.9 bingo radio was suspended at the end of March 2020, due to the risk of spread of COVID-19.

Here is the conversation between François Carrier and the CHIP 101.9 bingo manager, Nathalie Denault, regarding the return of bingo to the Pontiac radio station :

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