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CHIP possède une licence de langue française au CRTC et assure par son mandat la promotion de la dualité linguistique au sein du territoire du Pontiac ainsi que celle de la vallée de la Gatineau et du comté de Renfrew, en Ontario.

La station de radio diffuse sur la fréquence du 101,9 sur la bande FM avec un émetteur d’une puissance de 10 KW, lui permettant de diffuser sur un grand territoire.

Afin de servir tous les gens de sa communauté, CHIP FM offre à ses auditeurs, une programmation diversifiée. L’un des buts principaux de la station est de bien informer la communauté avec des nouvelles locales et régionales qui ne sont pas nécessairement diffusées par d’autres médias régionaux. L’équipe entière de la station de radio travaille ardemment afin de faire de sa programmation, une qui reflète bien le portrait culturel, économique, politique, éducationnel et social de sa région”

En tant qu’organisme à but non lucratif, les revenus annuels de CHIP FM sont constitués; d’une subvention provenant du gouvernant provincial, des bingos hebdomadaires, radiothon annuel, ventre de publicités radio, frais d’adhésions ainsi que dons.

CHIP FM aussi connut sous le nom Radio Communautaire de Pontiac a été enregistrée en tant qu’organisme à but non lucratif en juin 1978. La première diffusion en ondes a eut lieu le 1er mars 1981. 

Job offers
Article published on 24 September 2018
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If you are a Personal Support Worker (PSWs), or know someone who is,
you may be interested in this information!
Bonnechere Manor, a well-established long-term care home in Renfrew, Ontario is hiring PSWs.

What do the staff who work at Bonnechere Manor say – they agree it is a caring place to work. Suzie Robertson, a long-time PSW states “after 29 years and still counting as a PSW at Bonnechere Manor, the things I love about working here are the high standard of care, on the job training and opportunities to go to seminars and education sessions. I have met some lovely residents and families that appreciate all I do, and that is a wonderful feeling when you hear them say…’you do a great job’. I am proud I started my career here and hope to end my career at Bonnechere Manor.” On the other end of the spectrum, relatively new PSW Matt Pollice notes “there are plenty of hours, great hourly wage, great co-workers, benefits and pension”. Meagan Godda says, “what makes the Bonnechere Manor stand out is that our care is very resident oriented - this is their home. I have been working here as a PSW for 4 years. I can truly say I am proud of the care we provide, the teamwork and the love we have for our residents” while Kaylin Griffin adds “I have the privilege of being scheduled on a specific floor which allows me to get to know the residents which in turn enhances the residents’ experience; staff and departments support one another”.

For more information, contact Shelley Yantha, Director of Care at syantha
or send your resume to:

County of Renfrew
Human Resources Department
9 International Drive
Pembroke ON K8A 6W5

Bonnechere Manor is a 180 bed municipal (not-for-profit) long-term care home. It is owned and operated by the County of Renfrew and has provided quality care to the frail and elderly since 1958. A wide-range of long-term programs and services including 24 hour nursing care, accommodation, meals, as well as physiotherapy programs and a variety of social and recreational activities. In addition to long-term care services, the Manor also offers a variety of community services such as respite care, an adult day program in Cobden and Renfrew, and a Parkinson’s support group. Bonnechere Manor holds Accreditation with Accreditation Canada which provides the Home with the opportunity to benchmark their programs and services to national standards and assists in continuous quality improvements.

For more information, visit our website at or call:

Shelley Sheedy Director of Long-Term Care, County of Renfrew 613 433-8307

Michael Barber Media Relations/Grants Coordinator, County of Renfrew 613-73-57288

Les Nouvelles du Pontiac

Cindy Bédard concert in the Pontiac

22 October 2018

The MRC Pontiac announced its' next concert for the 2018-19 Culture Program. The next performance will be from French country artist Cindy Bédard on November 15th at the ESSC auditorium in Mansfield. Admission is $25 for adults and $15 for students. Tickets are available at the MRC in Campbell's (...)

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The Pontiac Home Bakery appreciation party

22 October 2018

The Pontiac Home Bakery held a party to thank the Pontiac citizens who voted in the sweetest bakery competition which the Pontiac Home Bakery won first Prize in Quebec and Second in Canada. The owner of the bakery, Dan Duggan said that the party was a huge success for two reasons: (Clip coming (...)

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Pontiac Senior Comets: 1st win

22 October 2018

The Pontiac Senior Comets won their first game this weekend against the Cornwall Prowlers. Standing out during the game were Stéphane Paré with a goal and two assists, and Joshua Snider and Guillaume Grégoire with 2 goals each. Dannick Boivert, in the net, made a large contribution to the win with (...)

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Mathieu Lacombe appointed Minister responsible for the Outaouais

19 October 2018

The newly elected MNA for Papineau, Mathieu Lacombe, was appointed by the new Premier of Quebec François Legault as Minister of Families and responsible for the Outaouais region. Among other CAQ elected officials chosen as Cabinet Ministers includes: the MNA for Sanguinet, Danielle McCann, as (...)

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DPJ 2018 report: 17 situations reported per day in Outaouais

19 October 2018

The directors de la protection de la jeunesse (DPJ) unveiled their 15th annual yearly report. The Director of the DPJ Outaouais, Michelyne Gagné, gave CHIP an overview of the year: It should be noted that the DPJ does not have specific statistics concerning the different sectors of the (...)

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5 @ 7 on the management of residual materials: additional details

19 October 2018

The MRC Pontiac Environmental Coordinator, Thierry Raimbault, gave details of the 5 @ 7 on the residual materials management on October 24 and November 14. Pontiac residents are invited to the free event on October 24 at Spruceholme in Fort-Coulonge. A final evening will also be held on (...)

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